This is the State of Rolling Stone’s Film Coverage…

Hunter S. Thompson would shoot himself in the face (again) if he could see the drivel coming out of the Rolling Stone film department… Hey Jann Wenner, I think it’s about time for a change.

Don’t worry, Pete’ll be able to find work on some dull television review show, making nifty puns and crackin’ wise with another suitably out of touch host. They still haven’t figured out how to do a film review show yet, have they? People would rather watch flip-cam reviews from movie bloggers online than network produced content with top ‘critics’ like our boy up there.

I don’t know, I guess I just expect more from the magazine that published Hunter Thompson, Cameron Crowe and Lester Bangs. This guy is an idiot. I’ll post my review of Source Code tomorrow, but here’s a quick impression to get an idea of the mischief afoot… It’s Hitchcockian sci-fi with a heart. Some smart storytelling, some sloppy storytelling but always great camera work and committed acting (although Jake is starting to go a little Nic Cage on us).

One response to “This is the State of Rolling Stone’s Film Coverage…

  1. To be fair… Mischief is always afoot… Rule: ‘afoot’ is now banded from this site. You think he’s even writing this stuff, or just dictating it into Watson the CPU and it’s translated as such?

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