Daily Archives: April 8, 2011

I Saw the Terminator?

What's "I'll be Back" in Korean?

What the what? Kim Ji-Woon and Arnold Schwarzenegger teaming up The Last Stand, a film that is equal parts Die Hard and High Noon? I think, on the whole, this could be extremely exciting. Continue reading

Beardface Reviews: Flashes of Genius Enough to Save Hanna?

A little known Greek philosophizer named Aristotle (you may have heard of this guy) once said that “the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.” Well, that may be the case for some works of drama, Hanna comes across as exactly the opposite… namely it’s parts are greater than the film as a whole.

Continue reading

Gramps: 13 Assassins a Modern Samurai Tragedy

Open on a wide-shot of a samurai performing public Hari-Kiri in front of his Lord’s residence as a form of rebellion against said evil, sadistic Lord Naritsugu. My initial thought? “Oh, Christ, this is going to be gruesome.” As I was about to flinch, squirm, and turn away, however, something amazing happened. Takashi Miike, the same Miike that directed a scene where a man is hung by his skin with fish-hooks as he’s tortured, focused on the struggling samurai’s face throughout the entire action: stabbing, slicing, twisting, disembowelment. Continue reading