I Saw the Terminator?

What's "I'll be Back" in Korean?

What the what? Kim Ji-Woon and Arnold Schwarzenegger teaming up The Last Stand, a film that is equal parts Die Hard and High Noon? I think, on the whole, this could be extremely exciting. Arnie as a boarder sheriff tracking a drug dealer… It could work! In the last few years, Ji-Woon has given us plenty of action, some tragic and some comedic. What route would he take with The Last Stand? First, stylistically, we need not worry: Ji-Woon’s going to take care of that. Honestly, I think they should play up Arnold’s age (ala Sly Stallone in Copland), and Ji-Woon should keep the “Tragic Momentum” from I Saw the Devil in motion, just tamer for a broader audience.

Oh, I should also mention that this is not a done deal yet. I just tend to get excited easily. Although it’s described as an almost locked deal. We shall see. Keep hope alive brothers and sisters. (Source: Slashfilm.com)

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