Sidney Lumet Dead at 86

What, really, can be said? Yesterday afternoon I’m cruising the Hollywood Reporter and my breath stopped. It actually took a few moments to process their headline before clicking the link. I think THR did a nice job recapping Lumet’s carrer, so take a look.

Moreover, two other great insights by THR: 6 Things to Know About Director Sidney Lumet and Sidney Lumet Made New York City Star of His Films.

I would like to add one thing. Simply take a look over his filmography. His first feature was 12 Angry Men starring Henry Fonda, J Lee Cobb, and Martin Balsam. Really, it was a beautiful start to a genuine, gritty career. We’ve lost another film hero, and I’m afraid we don’t have too many to spare.

Sidney Lumet, 1924-2011.

2 responses to “Sidney Lumet Dead at 86

  1. Agreed! He will be missed. Obviously my fav of his is Network and it was nice to see a resurgence late in the game w Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead. RIP big fella, RIP.

  2. I think my most ingrained memory has got to be the end of Dog Day Afternoon. Also, John Cazale was never in a bad film… think on it. I agree on BTDKYD too Carps, and not just because of Tomei (we all acted like 10 year olds in the theatre tho…). It’s a great little flick.

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