Daily Archives: April 14, 2011

Say It Ain’t So Joe?

I feel the way Joe looks...

Straight from the ‘Say it Ain’t So’ department, Sir Joe Pesci, once thought retired, is coming back again. No, I’m not talking about teaming with Scorsese and Bobby D in I Heard You Paint Houses. This project involves John Travolta and, potentially, Lindsay Lohan, while being directed by Nick Cassavetes. Now, if that All-Star Weekend line-up doesn’t bring a tear of depression to your eye, you’re either producing the movie or you’re the Tin Man. Continue reading

Unfortunately, ‘They Live:’ Matt Reeves and Universal Studios

This news doesn’t quite get me as fueled up as recent talks of remaking The Wild Bunch, but, for the love of Moses, it’s close. John Carpenter is sacred (as is Peckinpah); that’s simply the law of the land folks. The thought of updating his once mocked, semi-straight to VHS B-movie, Sci-Fi romp is (like this sentence) a complete right-off. Continue reading

Michael Mann Likes Haggis and Gold

A little diddy of a news tidbit concerning Mr. Mann and a Paul, a Paul named Haggis. Collider.com via Heat Vision reports that Mann is set to direct Gold and Haggy to produce. Rumor also has it, as rumors often do, that Leo DiCaprio is reading the script as we speak, or as I write this, or as you read this. It’s probably a cock-tease, but consider me teased!

Gramps: The Horde an Apocalyptic Treat

In the last decade or so, Zombie films can be classified under the following headings: the good, the bad, and the-ever-so-fucking-terrible (the latter expresses my feelings toward the Resident Evil franchise – yes, I sat through them, painfully). The Horde has been on my list for quite a while so, to my surprise, when I saw it was finally available On Demand I put on my ‘jammy-jams,’ got a nice snuggly blanket, a sleeve of Oreos, and a beer – what? Continue reading