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ComingSoon’s FilmPulse Calls Classic Films Boring… Clearly Hasn’t Watched FilmPulse.

I had an idea for a show once. Just before the end of At the Movies (I mean the official end, when the show was cancelled not when it stopped being watchable, which was sometime after Richard Roeper joined Roger Ebert after the death of Gene Siskel) I was wondering why no one had tried to do a review show that skewed to the key demographic of movie audiences, namely men thirteen to forty, and then I went online and they exist a plenty…

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Say It Ain’t So Joe?

I feel the way Joe looks...

Straight from the ‘Say it Ain’t So’ department, Sir Joe Pesci, once thought retired, is coming back again. No, I’m not talking about teaming with Scorsese and Bobby D in I Heard You Paint Houses. This project involves John Travolta and, potentially, Lindsay Lohan, while being directed by Nick Cassavetes. Now, if that All-Star Weekend line-up doesn’t bring a tear of depression to your eye, you’re either producing the movie or you’re the Tin Man. Continue reading

Unfortunately, ‘They Live:’ Matt Reeves and Universal Studios

This news doesn’t quite get me as fueled up as recent talks of remaking The Wild Bunch, but, for the love of Moses, it’s close. John Carpenter is sacred (as is Peckinpah); that’s simply the law of the land folks. The thought of updating his once mocked, semi-straight to VHS B-movie, Sci-Fi romp is (like this sentence) a complete right-off. Continue reading

Where’s That Hobo and His Shotgun When Ya Really Need Him?

“What Would Justin Beiber do? Pop star, Ashton Kutcher Look to Buddy Comedy” – L.A. Times (Only in LA)

What's that? My balls just dropped? Super!

Sweet Christ I’m hoping this is an April Fool’s joke… Please? Continue reading

This is the State of Rolling Stone’s Film Coverage…

Hunter S. Thompson would shoot himself in the face (again) if he could see the drivel coming out of the Rolling Stone film department… Hey Jann Wenner, I think it’s about time for a change.

Don’t worry, Pete’ll be able to find work on some dull television review show, making nifty puns and crackin’ wise with another suitably out of touch host. Continue reading