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Beardface Reviews: THOR Dethrones Iron Man As Marvel’s Best Film… Yes, I Was Also Surprised.

As much as I worried about this one (let’s face it, the marketing was not good… too much comic relief, not enough Asgard) it delivers, big time. Besides the absolutely pointless addition of 3D, everything works so surprisingly well that I left the theater wanting a lot more of Thor’s hammer… wait, that came out wrong.

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The Bell Tolls on Thee: “Hesher”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the Gold Standard in quality acting these days, and thus the films he stars in follow suit. Now, add a dash of Metallica’s Battery, a flaming diving board, and a front-flip into a backyard pool… I think we’ve got ourselves “a stew goin’.” Oh ya, some Portman lady and the weird guy from The Office are in it too. I like fire, flips, and Metallica though.