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Super(man) Sundays for DC’s Man of Steel

There is little doubt that DC has some catching up to do… Sure, they rocked out the two BEST comic-book film adaptations of all-time with Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins and The Dark Knight AND they’ve got Green Lantern glowing on the near horizon (with almost super-star Ryan Reynolds) BUT as far as production goes they pale in comparison to their nemesis Marvel.

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Beardface Reviews: Sucker Punch is Zack Snyder’s Dream and My Nightmare

Is Sucker Punch a good film? No, it’s actually pretty god damn terrible… more on that later… BUT if you plan to see it, and we mean at all, ever, you might as well see the full spectacle that only the cinema experience can provide.

Hold on though. We are not advocating seeing this movie. This is exactly what we expected from the ‘mind of’ or the ‘original vision of’ Zack Snyder (or whatever send-up they’re using) and sadly his M. Night trend continues with each new film. Sucker Punch is the epitome of style without substance, just simple eye candy that we couldn’t believe someone took a writing credit for… Continue reading